The Grove Elite Mutual Fund (GEM Fund) is a portfolio built from pooled funds to achieve returns through diversification. This pooling of funds means that we use investment capital from multiple investors to invest in securities that fit our specific strategy: making you money. This product originated with Grove Investments, which merged with Aur ac Arian on 3 May 2020.

To help maintain the safety and overall health of the GEM Fund, we mandate that our clients adhere to the following;

  1. Each client must invest at least $2 million; this allows us to reduce overhead, keeping our costs down and your returns up.
  2. We have implemented a minimum three-week waiting period for any liquidation or withdrawal; this allows us the time to process the withdrawal in a way that does not cost our other investors money.
  3. Aur ac Arian retains a $1 million + 6% processing fee on all withdrawals. We also assess a 2% management fee on the GEM Fund monthly, which allows Aur ac Arian to continue to employ the most efficient individuals to make you the most money.
  4. As with all investment options, the possibility of loss is a risk that you will have to consider. We will always endeavour to maintain the highest yield possible without significantly risking your money. We will not provide you with a money-back guarantee.


Valuation Reports

Month Dollar Value Growth Growth % Dividends % of Total
April 2020 614,784,560.00 614,784,560.00   49,450,255.65 8.04%
May 2020 1,002,828,992.17 388,044,432.17 63.11% 61,241,772.75 7.94%
June 2020 1,192,828,992.17 190,000,000.00  18.94%     
July 2020          
August 2020          
September 2020          
October 2020          
November 2020          
December 2020          

Note that we are currently in the month of June, so this information is not final and also does not reflect earned dividends as they have not yet posted.

Some Questions & Answers

How exactly does the GEM Fund make me money, and more importantly what does Aur ac Arian get out of my investment?

We have an exclusive deal with the Taith Group that enables smaller investors to still be a part of their earning power, and take advantage of the Taith money-making prowess. Normally, they do not allow anyone to invest if they have less than a billion to drop, and they are also a very long-term company. This makes them very good at making money, but it means that most investors will never be able to earn money from them. Our GEM Fund allows anyone to invest in the Taith Group, and also have more control over when they receive their money back.

Taith reports dividends at the end of each month. Your dividends as an investor are automatically reinvested into your GEM Fund account. You will only ever receive money from the GEM Fund if you submit a withdrawal request. Any dividends you receive are automatically reinvested to reduce the number of transactions and also allow for maximum efficiency in growing your money.

AAA earns our money from your withdrawals. GEM Fund Investors pay $1 million + 6% of their withdrawn amount as a processing fee to Aur ac Arian. If your alliance is protecting the Taith Group, we waive the 6%, so it's only a flat $1 million. This withdrawal fee helps discourage people from using the GEM Fund as a short-term investment and also helps offset the costs associated with more regular withdrawals since the Taith Group can often take at least a month to process a withdrawal.

Why do I need to invest in the GEM Fund where you take part of the money when I could just do my own investing.
You're absolutely welcome to invest it on your own. This product is designed to give everyone the ability to invest in the Taith Group. One of the major benefits of using the GEM Fund is that your money is managed for you, and you don't need to handle diversifying or being concerned about losing money. Since Taith is incredibly diversified, any losses are absorbed or spread out across the entire company. Most individual investors tend to prioritize one or two companies, which increases the risk of loss.
How do I know I can trust the people handling my money, and what were to happen if the investments fail and most of the GEM Fund money were to be lost because of an individual's mistake, and what is there in place to make sure mistakes such as this are not made
As mentioned in the previous question, the Taith Group structure distributes the potential for loss. Additionally, there are many alliances that are currently protecting the Taith Group alliance, so that in itself mitigates the potential failure. The Taith Group is a majority investor in many banks, and their reputation is intrinsically tied to the success of the GEM Fund. There are many safeguards in place that we simply cannot reveal to maintain the integrity and security of the Fund. One reminder, though, is that all investments come with inherent risk. We cannot and will not guarantee your investment. A bank can close and you lose your money. An alliance can get raided and destroyed. Investing has risks that you need to weigh yourself.