1st Quarter 2020

During this entire quarter, the bank was under the management of Isildur. There was no voting on the Board of Directors.

2nd Quarter 2020

The Board of Directors was re-gaveled into session on 24 April 2020 by Arkin, when Isildur transferred the management of the bank to him.

April 2020

ID Date Result Summary
04281 28 April Approved The Board chose to rename the position of CEO to President, and shift other C-level positions to Directors. The Board is also officially the highest authority in the organization.
04282 28 April Approved The Board elected Rob Ap Ioan as our new Board Chair, and Bendigeidfran as our Deputy Chair.
04283 28 April Approved The Board decided to change the company's name to Aur ac Arian Society, which stands for Silver and Gold. The implementation of the name change will happen to coincide with the new logo, which is being designed.
04284 28 April Approved The Board reconfirmed that Taith Group will function as our primary offshore point.
04285 28 April Approved The Board decided to use the TexasGov wiki (this site) as its central information repository.
04286 28 April Approved The Board implemented a /10 stock split. Every 10 shares were merged into 1.
04287 28 April Approved The Board voted to impose a 1-week moratorium on any share purchase or sales to prevent shareholders from being taken advantage of or succumbing to knee-jerk reactions regarding the changes and upheaval.

May 2020

ID Date Result Summary
05031 03 May Approved The Board voted to approve a merger with Grove Investments. Grove's shareholders will receive 4.2 million new shares in Aur ac Arian in exchange for the Grove assets, which total over $3.1 billion (4.2x our company's ESV).
05032 03 May Approved As part of the merger, Grove's Board of Directors charter structure, including the schedule for elections, is transferred to Aur ac Arian, with the existing AAA Board (which accounts for 4 of the 7 Board Members in Grove) remaining in place.
05033 03 May Approved As part of the merger, the Board voted to invoke the Buy Back Protocol, informally known as the Isildur Protocol, to purchase the 987,099 shares owned by Forest. Since those shares were previously used as collateral for a loan he took with our company, we are applying $82.28 million to pay off the loan. The remaining $16,429,900 of the buyback proceeds are being deposited into a speciality Escrow Account set up to assist Forest in handling his other debts.
05034 03 May Approved As part of the merger, the Board voted to perform a /5.2 stock split, returning our total share count back to 1 million shares. We are rounding the shares, with the 2 share variance being applied positively to the smallest two shareholders.
05121 12 May Approved Shareholders must be present in the Discord server, and they must be verified with the Locutus bot. If a shareholder fails to adhere to either or both of these, their shares are forfeit back to Aur ac Arian to either be resold, transferred, or distributed proportionally to the remaining shareholders, at the discretion of the Board. As this is a significant shift in ownership policy, we are implementing a grace period of one week for all Shareholders that do not comply to either sell their shares or adhere to the new requirements.
05122 12 May 2020 Approved The Board voted to close out all bonds early. Robert Ap Ioan of De Cymru, our Chairman, has sent out the principle balances as well as the interest accrued thus far to each of the bondholders on file. This is saving the company approximately $126 million, which is being used to defer the myriad losses incurred due to Isildur's unceremonious exit.
05123 12 May 2020 Approved The Board voted to mandate that in the event that shares are used as collateral, the shareholder must notify us of the institution and lienholder immediately and that in doing so they recognize our authority to abrogate their rights to those shares and transfer them to the lienholder as applicable and necessary.
05124 12 May 2020 Approved Grayson J Jefferson is barred from purchasing or possessing shares, being hired as an employee or officer, or utilizing the services of Aur ac Arian as a client or customer. They are further ineligible to act as a representative or agent for any other shareholder, employee, officer, client, or customer. Unless renewed, this prohibition will expire on 1 July 2020 at 00:00:01 BST.
05125 12 May 2020 Approved No Executive or member of the Board may sell shares without the consent of the Board of Directors, and any sale must first also be approved by the Board of Directors. This is to guarantee against any insider or collusive trading scheme.
05126 12 May 2020 Approved The Board voted to officially implement the GEM Fund as a product of Aur ac Arian. A rebrand or name change may be necessary, however, it's equally important that we officially recognize it as an active product and not as a hold-over orphan project.
05127 12 May 2020 Approved The Board of Directors will continue to adhere to the established practice of every Board member casting a single ballot in official voting. The Board also actively uses consensus decisions in lieu of official voting for many situations where there is an obvious unified position. This is relative to the imported voting protocols from the Grove merger.

June 2020

ID Date Result Summary
06141 14 June Approved The Board voted to rescind the prohibition from Decision ID 05124 against Grayson J Jefferson effective immediately. He is now permitted to purchase shares and be a part of our company.

3rd Quarter 2020

4th Quarter 2020