Spera Bank

0.5% stackable loan rate reduction. Approved by the Board of Directors

Cobalt Banking

0.5% stackable loan rate reduction. Approved by AntMan

Aur ac Arian Society

Take loans for longer periods, normally limited to  up to 6 weeks. Approved by the Board of Directors

Spera Gaming

Reduction on lotto tickets & priority service. Additional perks happen too. Approved by the Board of Directors.

P&W Crates

5% discount when buying more than 5 crates. Approved by Polar.

The Sicota Club

Exclusive access to the Sicota Depot (Rss lending). Approved by the Bedrock Founders.


Automatic ad every 12 hours in Spera Bank, AAA, Sicota, and Taith's servers. Normal price is $100 million for the calendar month, save $20 million

Nimbus Bank

Interest waived on the first week. Protection must exist for the entire life of the loan. Approved by Lord Vader.

Mountain Bank

0.5% stackable loan rate reduction. Approved by Grayson J Jefferson

    This is not an exhaustive list of perks and opportunities available to Taith's protectors. We're constantly adding more ways to benefit.

Services Available from Taith

Please be aware that all of these services are provided on the condition that use of these services does not impact or prevent our core focus, and does not in any way impair our neutrality and active avoidance of any political or foreign entanglements. We're at your service, as long as that service doesn't put us or our other protectors in harm's way.

Confidential Transfers and Intermediary Services

Do you not negotiate with terrorists like the USA, yet need to pay that pesky ransom for one of your illegitimate children's safe release? Taith provides, at no cost to alliances protecting us, and their members, the ability to completely confidentially transfer cash and resources. Simply have those funds or assets arrive in Taith's bank, and we'll handle the transfer. If you need some extra safeguards, we can situationally arrange a second intermediary between Taith and the final recipient, although that is subject to applicable costs.

Quietly Offshoring

Are you a ruthless despot planning to jump out of that gilded plane with a golden parachute? Concerned your existing offshore has been compromised? We're available to sort out that replacement for you: us. Let us handle your offshoring needs. Depending on the specifics, we may charge you a very small handling fee, but we'll negotiate that 100% before anything is finalised.

Rainy day cash protections

Are you looking to set up a fund to invest your alliance's surplus resources as a long term, rainy day fund? We can help. Whether the answer is your alliance becoming an investor (possible, and completely confidential), or us assisting you in setting up an alternative, similar to the GEM Fund, we're more than available.

Providing escrow services

Do you need an unbiased, neutral third party to function as an escrow manager so that you can make payments in good faith while maintaining a sense of security that all sides will meet their obligations? We're available to discuss that with you, and help you either find an individual who can act as a mediator and Escrow Manager or if you need someone with a little more heft, we are available to step in ourselves, as long as doing so would not compromise our mission to avoid political entanglements.