Selling our Original Shares

You can directly buy a part of Mountain Bank by purchasing shares. Shares entitle you to a direct, equitable stake in the success and operations of Mountain Bank. Owning shares allows you to be directly involved in shaping our future for both you and all of our other Shareholders and clients.

  1. We listed 100% of the company through 1,000 shares. We originally sold each share for $1,000,000 per share. The sale of shares created an initial market value of $1 billion. All of the shares were purchased, and Mountain Bank received $1 billion in cash.
  2. Shareholders receive dividends of up to 30% of our profits, bi-weekly. These dividends are distributed automatically to the shareholder.
  3. In the unlikely event that a Shareholder is unable to accept their dividends at the time of dispersal, they are required to designate an alternative location for that dispersal. If a shareholder has not provided their nation link, is banned, or otherwise incapable of receiving their dividends, they will be ineligible to receive dividends for that period.
  4. We do not impose a cap on the number of shares that may be owned by a single individual.
  5. We do, however, mandate that the seller logs their transaction in #shares-receipts of our Discord server, and also pinging the Executives role so that the transfer is properly recorded. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that the person they are acquiring the shares from records this transfer. Mountain Bank is not responsible for a Seller failing to record the sale of their shares.

Bank's Right to Buy-Back

  1. There is no provision, allowance, or mechanic for the seizure of shares by Mountain Bank. Only the Share's owner may transfer those shares. If a Shareholder leaves the game, is banned, or in some other way loses access to their nation, the shares remain the property of that nation and therefore exist in a limbo state.

Board of Directors


All shareholders are entitled to vote on major changes, as determined by the Board of Directors. All day-to-day matters and responsibilities are entrusted to their representatives in the Board of Directors.

  • Shareholders are solely entrusted with the power to amend or alter this Charter. Any vote will require a 2/3rds majority of the owned shares, numerically represented as 667 shares. Any fewer shares voting in favour of the measure will fail the measure.
    • In the event that the Board of Directors is in possession of the prerequisite majority, the Board may choose to forgo a special session to amend the charter.
  • In all voting matters each share casts a single ballot. In short, 1 share = 1 vote.
  • For all other voting matters, a participation quorum of no less than 2/3rds of the owned shares must cast ballots for the voting to be valid. Quorums are calculated for the entirety of the session called.


The Board of Directors (The Board, BoD) is the shareholders' voice in the company. They are responsible for;

  1. The election, appointment, removal, termination, reinstatement, and regulation of all corporate officers.
  2. Reviewing corporate assets and working with the appropriate individuals in management to improve their efficiency.
  3. Ensuring that Mountain Bank as a whole is managed well and its health as a company is maintained and that any assets are also sustainable.
  4. Overall management of the assets and portfolio, including overseeing the acquisition and sale of Mountain Bank assets, including businesses and intellectual rights.
  5. The responsibility and authority to approve or reject any actions taken by the Executives; ensuring that the Shareholders and Mountain Bank's interests are maintained.
  6. All other powers not otherwise specified to the Shareholders or other officers are reserved and preserved in the Board of Directors. At its exclusive decision, the Board may delegate any other powers or authorities to any individual as deemed necessary or appropriate.

Makeup of the Board

The Board of Directors is comprised of three individuals: the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and the owner of the largest number of shares, known as the Majority Shareholder.

The succession (replacement) of either the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer will require the support of all three current members of the Board, ergo the support of the outgoing Chief Executive Officer of Chief Financial Officer, or the majority vote of shares and majority support of individual shareholders.

Board Members

Mountain Bank Board of Directors


Chief Executive Officer

 Grayson J Jefferson

Chief Financial Officer


Majority Shareholder

Officers & Leadership

All employees, including officers, are employed by the Board of Directors on behalf of the Shareholders. This section is technically not part of the Charter (and therefore not subject to the amendments clause), as the Board needs to be able to adjust to the changing demands of our company without the additional necessity of amending the entire Charter.

  • The Chief Executive Officer is tasked by the Board of Directors with managing the day-to-day operations of Mountain Bank, and ensuring that all matters are attended to with the greatest of detail possible. They are primarily focused on maintaining our standard of excellence that all of our employees and customers expect and deserve.
  • The Chief Financial Officer is tasked by the Board of Directors with managing our financial health and wellbeing, and ensuring that any assets are managed with the utmost efficacy. They are primarily focused on ensuring that our non-banking investments are performing at peak efficiency, and the institutions we invest in are adhering to our standards and expectations of exceptionalism.
  • The Chief Marketing Officer is tasked by the Board of Directors with identifying opportunities for growth both within our company as well as opportunities for external expansion. They are expected to generate plans that the Board may approve to grow Mountain Bank and enhance our value to our shareholders and our clients.