The Sicota Club is a resource lending, trading, and management company developed to fill an inexplicable void in Orbis: a resource-centric bank. In short, we offer three products that are all resource-oriented. Please join our Discord Server to learn more.

What we offer

The Sicota Depot is a way for you to borrow resources as resources, and then repay that loan using resources. For this product, we have zero interest in money. You borrow and pay in the same resource with interest applied as that resource. We calculate interest on the original borrowed amount regardless of the amount remaining. All percentage rates are for up to 12 weeks. Open-ended loans, where you are only required to pay the interest cost an additional 2%. Please be aware that the Depot is only available as part of Taith Group's Alliance Benefits package to alliances protecting the Taith alliance in-game.

3.5% weekly for food, and loan in multiples of 100,000. That means that for every 100,000 food you borrow, you are charged 3,500 food per week in interest. An Open-ended loan would instead cost 5,500 food per week per 100,000 food borrowed.

4.0% weekly for Aluminum, Gasoline, Oil, Munitions, & Steel, and loan in multiples of 1,000. For every 1,000 borrowed, you are charged 40 of that resource per week in interest. An Open-ended loan would instead cost 60 of that resource per 1,000 borrowed.

4.0% weekly for Bauxite, Coal, Lead, & Uranium, and loan in multiples of 1,000. For every 1,000 borrowed, you are charged 40 of that resource per week in interest. An Open-ended loan would instead cost 60 of that resource per 1,000 borrowed.

All payments are due on Friday by end-of-day CST (UTC-6).

The Sicota Exchange is a way for you to list resources for bulk exchange. Sicota will either handle the transaction discreetly for you or will allow you to list your resources at your own pace and rate directly. We charge a flat rate of 5% of the resource (not money) to process its sale for you.

Finally, Sicota’s Reservoir is a savings account for your resources. You invest your resources with us and earn a fixed interest on those resources as those resources. We post interest on the 15th of the month, and withdrawal requires a one-month advance notification.

You earn a flat 2% interest per month on the principle deposit for Food

You earn a flat 4% interest per month on the principle deposit for Aluminum, Gasoline, Oil, Munitions, & Steel

You earn a flat 5% interest per month on the principle deposit for Bauxite, Coal, Lead, & Uranium

Become an Aquifer, and make money helping us make money

Our Natural Aquifers are handed either cash or resources every Sunday as their droplet. It is then their responsibility to trade either publicly or privately to grow those droplets, magnifying the ripple effect. Our Aquifers receive a weekly commission of between 30-50% of the profits earned from that original droplet. Every Saturday they return the droplet as well as the profits, minus their commission. Then on Sunday, they're issued a new droplet.

Some Natural Aquifers may instead be issued long-term droplets. These individuals have proven their capabilities, so instead of us re-issuing them cash or resources each week, we instead issue a larger droplet, and then they only send back the profits, minus their commission each Saturday. This allows for more long-term prospecting.

If you or someone you know is looking for a job, apply through the Taith Jobs Centre (join Discord server, and type ;role NeedAJob )

How many loans can I have with the Depot?

When borrowing resources through the Sicota Depot, each resource borrowed has its own loan card. You can conceivably have multiple active loan cards. Additionally, while your loan cards do display in dollar amounts, please note that these amounts are for company valuation purposes only and do not under any circumstances mean that you can make a payment using cash.

I'd like to invest in Sicota, how do I do that?

If you'd like to purchase Non-Voting Stock in Sicota, also known as becoming a Mineral Wellspring, you may purchase shares for $1 million each. Dividends for the Mineral Wellsprings are 20% of the profits, distributed proportionally to the Non-Voting Stockholders.

Voting Stock in Sicota is currently reserved to the Bedrock Owners. In the future, we may sell Voting Stock. Bedrock dividends are 30% of the profits, distributed proportionally to the Voting Stockholders.

Sicota reserves the right to buy back Non-Voting Stock at the original price of $1 million each, or the current Equity Share Value, whichever is lower. We may do this at any time for any reason without advance notice. Non-Voting Stock may be sold between consenting parties at any time

Please also be aware that you must remain in the servermust not be banned, removed, or voluntarily leave the game, and must have an active nation (so logged into the game within the past 7 days, and not "purple"). Vacation mode nations are considered active, however, vacation mode means you're ineligible to receive dividends.

How many shares exist?

A total of 5,000 shares exist. These shares are broken up into two types.

70% of the stock (3,500 shares) is "preferred" stock. To make understanding easier, we call it what it is: Non-Voting Stock. Non-Voting Stock entitles you to provide input and access the Depot even if you're not in an alliance protecting Taith. Additionally, while we will frequently seek the input from our Non-Voting Stock owners since ultimately they are helping us to raise capital.

30% of the stock (1,500 shares) is "common" stock. To make understanding easier, we call it what it is: Voting Stock. Voting Stock entitles you to everything that Non-Voting does, but you also vote on matters proportionally to your shares, and you have almost complete access to everything Sicota-related.

What can I do with my stock?

Whether your shares are voting or non-voting, you can and should give your input and make suggestions on how you think Sicota can improve and earn you more money. We're always seeking input. Additionally, once all shares are privately owned, you'll be able to sell yours for whatever price you and a buyer agree upon.

There's another key benefit to owning non-voting shares. If Sicota reduces our dividends to save money, we will cut dividends to voting shares and not to the non-voting shares. This means that you'll always receive your monthly dividends, provided you're actually not embargoed or in vacation mode.

When are dividends paid?

Dividends are paid on the first of the month, and if you're embargoed or in vacation mode at that time, you're not receiving those dividends, period.

How do I buy shares?

If Sicota still has shares available for sale through our IPO, you may purchase them directly from the company for $1 million each. To do this, open a ticket in the Sicota server. You will be making a trade to the nation of Texas or having a bank-to-bank transfer to the alliance Taith. Please don't do this until instructed to.

Once your money has been received and the shares have been recorded, you'll be provided an confirmation screenshot of your updated share count, and then your ticket will be closed within 24 hours.