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At Spera Bank, we believe in offering fair loans to everyone. We believe that we have achieved this aim with the loans that we offer. The riskier the loan is for us, the higher the interest rate is. We aim to offer our loans for between 2 and 12 weeks. Our focus is largely on smaller nations, younger nations. One of our favourite terms is that we're helping the Goldfish to become Koi, starting their journey to Whaledom.

Client Types

No other Bank in Orbis offers a loyalty system as rewarding and comprehensive as ours. This system replaces our old loyalty programme and is much more integrated into our systems and procedures.

First Time Borrower

A first time borrower who is unable to make their payments on time, every time, will not be advanced upon the conclusion of their first loan, and will instead remain classified as a first timer until they're able to complete a loan without missing payments or making late payments.

Ideal Client

An ideal client is a client who repays every loan on time, every time. They completed a loan with prompt repayments. We never need to find them, and we never need to worry about if we’re going to see the money from them. Should an "ideal" client make late repayments, they will be downgraded back to first timer status and will need to re-earn their status on a subsequent loan.

Exceptional Client

An exceptional client transcends the minimums of an ideal client, and also has taken at least seven loans with us. All of their payments have been prompt. In addition, they have brought at least three new ideal clients our way, or they have demonstrated their exceptional worth to the SMT in some other way. Should an "exceptional" client make late repayments, they will be downgraded back to the "ideal" grade, will need to bring us three new ideal clients, and once again demonstrate that they are exceptional before returning to this grouping.

Trusted Patron

Trusted patrons are the crème de la crème at Spera Bank. These individuals are highly prized for their consistently solid reputation as exceptional clients, and they are also actively supporters of the bank. They have brought at least seven new ideal clients, have taken at least seven loans since becoming exceptional, or a combination thereof. Trusted patrons who make a late payment may be forgiven their forgetfulness, however if it becomes a common occurrence they will be downgraded. As a token of our continued appreciation, Trusted Patrons receive a free ticket each week for the Orbis Lottery (quick-pick).

Lending Rates

Interest rates are always at the discretion of the Bank. We aim to find a happy medium between our profitability and yours. When borrowing money, the following is table and accompanying discounts are used by the staff to come up with your interest rate. We will also take into account the size of your nation, your ability to afford the loan, and your longevity within Orbis. Players who've re-rolled and have a smaller nation are still encouraged to apply. Just know we'll ask you some questions to help determine the best course of action here.

  Loan is under $100 million Loan is $100-$250 million Loan is $250-500 million Loan is over $500 million
First Time Borrower 4.5% - 6.5% interest 4.0% - 6.0% interest Unavailable Unavailable
Ideal Client 4.5% - 5.5% interest 4.0% - 5.0% interest 3.5% - 4.5% interest 3.0 - 4.5% interest
Exceptional Client 4.0% - 5.0% interest 4.0% - 5.0% interest 3.5% - 4.5% interest 3.0 - 4.5% interest
Trusted Patron 3.0% interest 3.0% interest 3.0% interest 3.0% interest
• Client is a shareholder in Spera, Aur ac Arian, Mountain Bank or Nimbus Bank, 0.5% reduction • Client has used at least 10M on the gaming server, 0.5% reduction
• Express Transfers (this loan can only be repaid via bank-to-bank transfer), 0.5% reduction • Loan Co-Signed (Co-Owned) by a top-50 alliance, 0.5% reduction
• Client has provided at least 30% collateral, 0.5% reduction • Client's alliance has signed a protection deal with Taith, 0.5% reduction


Interest = Principle Balance × Interest Rate × Weeks
Weekly Payment = ( Principle Balance + Interest ) ÷ Weeks

Approvals Process

Depending on the amount you are looking to borrow from Spera, you may experience a delay in service while the loan is worked and approved by the necessary bodies.

  Loan is under $100 million Loan is $100-$250 million Loan is $250-500 million Loan is over $500 million
First Time Borrower Deputy CFO Deputy CFO or any SMT Unavailable Unavailable
Ideal Client Loan Agent Deputy CFO or any SMT Any SMT All SMT & Chair
Exceptional Client Loan Agent Loan Agent Deputy CFO or any SMT All SMT & Chair
Trusted Patron Loan Agent Loan Agent Deputy CFO or any SMT Any SMT & BT

Prioritizing Competing Requests

The nature of the business is that there will be times that we have multiple customers seeking to borrow money where we are not able to satisfy all of the requests. When this happens, we use the following worksheet to help figure out which loan has a higher or lower priority.

  Consideration     Consideration     Consideration
0 First Time Borrower   5 Loan is over 500m   10 Collateral
5 Ideal Client   10 Loan is 250-500m   10 CEO vouches
10 Exceptional Client   20 Loan is 100-250m   10 Chair vouches
20 Trusted Patron   50 Loan is under 100m      
1n Completed Loans   10 Co-signed by an alliance      

Lending Terms and Conditions

  1. By taking a loan from Spera Bank, you agree to waive your alliance protection and the protection of any organisations you retain membership. We reserve the right to take any action necessary in the event of a default.
  2. Borrowers must stay in our Discord server for the duration of their loan. Leaving our server without informing the bank and obtaining previous authorisation with an active loan shall be considered a default.
  3. Should an alliance borrow money and is then either usurped, disbands or defaults on their loan, the government officials who borrowed the money that the alliance co-signed for will be responsible in its totality. At our discretion, we may also hold other members of the former or new government, or the newly installed government, accountable for the outstanding debts.
  4. Loan payment is technically on Friday from 00:00:01 to 23:59:59 UTC. We will accept a loan payment made any time on either Friday _or_ Saturday UTC as _on-time_. Any loan payment made after this is considered a late fee and is subject to the penalties prescribed below. Failure to pay on time may result in us declaring t.
  5. Interest is payable every week. So even, for example, you take out a $100m loan at 4% interest and pay it all back in week one, you should still pay $104m total.

Penalties, Fees, and Repercussions

Any borrower who does not make a payment on time without advance discussion and authorisation from the bank staff will have the following fees and penalties added onto their loan. To avoid these, if you find you're in trouble and aren't going to be able to pay, have a conversation. We're not looking to gouge: if you need to modify, reduce, postpone, we'll try to come up with a balance.

Any customer that makes any payment late will incur a 1% fee on the current balance, compounding, daily until the customer has made their loan payment. An additional fee will be added to the balance of the loan if the borrower misses a second scheduled payment. Fees will be determined at the greater of either, and is in addition to any additional terms set at the beginning of the loan contract:

  1. 10% of the original principal amount
  2. 10% of the current total balance

At its sole discretion and strictly for small nations with limited earning potential, Spera Bank may elect to offer the following as a one-time-only kindness:

  1. 1% of the original principal amount added each day.
  2. If the borrower defaults a second time during the life of that loan contract, then the difference of this reduced late fee and the standard late fee will be assessed onto the agreement.

Any customer who fails to make any payment on time surrenders to Spera Bank, its officers, agents, and successors its sovereignty. Spera Bank may elect to utilise any means at its sole discretion to recover the balance of that payment due, as well as any additional expenses incurred in the endeavour.

  1. Any customer who is also a leader or government officer of an alliance further affirms that its alliance and all members will be subject to these terms, and Spera Bank may seek to recover any portion of the due payments from any available members. The leader, as mentioned above or officer, agrees that this is justifiable and they are fully responsible for the incursion on their alliance.

Founded in late November 2019, Nick McScott and General of the Union bought the rights to Spera Bank from a new player and decided to run the bank as a joint venture. Since then, Spera has morphed into a multi-faceted company with a Casino, Bank, and Investments. The word ‘Spera’ is Latin for trust, and we believe that this name epitomises our ethos.

Q: What is this?

This is Spera Bank. The word ‘Spera’ is Latin for trust and we believe that this name epitomises our ethos:

“Our aim for this bank is to make Orbis a good environment for investors again - so that they can again trust in institutions like ours, without fear of their money being stolen or scammed. Investors will be treated fairly and with respect and at the same time, their investment will be put to good use for the community, so that smaller nations and alliances can get fair loans, but with little risk to the bank. At Spera, we will not be doing multi-billion dollar loans, and will most likely not accept multi-billion dollar investments - small nations will be encouraged just as much as large ones to invest, and both will reap the rewards. We appreciate that this will be hard, but we feel that it will be for the good of Orbis if this environment can be established again and we will do all that we can for that to become possible.”

Here at Spera we pride ourselves on our integrity, equitableness and outstanding customer service. We also value the privacy of all of our clients, whether they are investors or loanees. Yet above all, we place huge value on transparency, therefore we will provide weekly, monthly and quarterly updates on all of our operations.

Q: How do I invest in Spera?

If you're asking about how to invest money into our bank, there are three ways you can do so. You can purchase Zero-Coupon Bonds (when available), deposit money into a Savings accounts (when available), or purchase shares from existing Shareholders.

Q: How many shares exist?

When Spera underwent its IPO, it did so with the understanding that while a total of 5 million shares would be made available, an additional 5 million shares could be released without the bank undergoing any share splits or buy-backs. There currently only exists a total of 5 million shares, however, the opportunity does exist for the bank to have up to a total of 10 million shares in existence. On 19th April, a reverse split was conducted, where every 1000 shares, both the ones in existence and the potential additional shares, were merged into a single share. A second reverse split was conducted on 19th June, where every 5 shares, both the ones in existence and the potential additional shares, were merged into a single share. That means that a total of 1,000 shares now exist, with a potential for an additional 1,000 shares.

Q: That’s all well and good, but how can I trust you?

Spera Bank was created with the mantra and guiding principles, to be honest, open, and fair in all of our dealings. We utilize multiple, secure locations thoroughly vetted from top alliances and companies to store our funds. We are led by our Shareholders, and ultimately our Shareholders are the biggest reason for our success. We have multiple safeguards in place to ensure that there is significantly reduced risk to investors, however, the nature of the banking and lending industry is that sometimes, bad people happen. We can do all of our due diligence on a customer, and then they can go and delete themselves or find their pockets picked so completely that not even lint remains. We have policies, procedures, and systems in place to mitigate these issues.

Q: How do I make money from my investment?

  • If you've taken the awesome step of becoming a Spera Bank Shareholder, then you earn dividends. Spera pays up to 50% of its profits as dividends proportionally to its Shareholders monthly. The dividends from the previous month are paid on the first Monday immediately following the Shareholders Meeting.
  • Investors who have chosen to purchase Zero-Coupon Bonds will receive their original investment plus the interest at the maturity date of their bond. There are no intermediate payments.
  • Patrons who choose to open savings accounts with us receive monthly interest paid on the balance of their account balance. We follow the novel practice of paying interest on the average balance for the entire month. This discourages dishonest and generally negative individuals from depositing large balances at the end of the month and then trying to withdraw them at the beginning of the month.

Q: Can I get a Loan?

Of course! Pretty much everyone is eligible for a loan (the amount does depend on a number of factors though, for more info, please see the lending page). The interest rates are extremely competitive and you will find that they are often better than any of the other banks in Orbis. If you have any questions at all about taking out a loan, please reach out to someone from Bank Management on our Bank Discord.

Q: Do you do Savings Accounts?

Somtimes yes. We have three different types of Savings Accounts and two different terms for Bonds. Anyone who wants to keep their money safe outside of a traditional alliance bank, still make some money off that money, and also be able to access it on a regular basis would likely prefer an Rapid Access Savings account. For our more traditional savers, we offer a better rate. We guarantee 7-day turnaround to access 25% of the total funds, and 14-day turnaround to access the remaining portion. That's the Standard Access Savings account. The third type, the Employee Savings account, is for Spera Bank's employers and our corporate partners to be able to distribute paychecks safely through Spera. It's important to note that savings and bonds are considered a liability, meaning it's something the bank owes back out. For that reason, we only offer these products when we have a genuine use for the money that will offset the losses.

The Spera Services Pwc. Shareholders elect the Board of Directors each quarter. Elections happen on the third full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the third month in each quarter, unless delayed to the fourth weekend with Board consensus. The newly elected Board serves from the 1st day of the new quarter to the last day of that quarter. The time between election and seating creates an overlap to ensure continuity and adequate transfer of information. Dividends are paid on the 1st day of the new quarter.

The Board of Directors (The Board, BoD) is the shareholders' voice in the company. They are responsible for;

  1. The election, appointment, removal, termination, reinstatement, and regulation of all corporate officers.
  2. Reviewing corporate assets and working with the appropriate individuals in management to improve their efficiency.
  3. Ensuring that the company as a whole is managed well and its health as a company is maintained and that any assets are also sustainable.
  4. Overall management of the assets and portfolio, including overseeing the acquisition and sale of company assets, including businesses, servers and intellectual rights.
  5. The responsibility and authority to approve or reject any actions taken by the Executives; ensuring that the Shareholders and Aur ac Arian's interests are maintained.
  6. All other powers not otherwise specified to the Shareholders or other officers are reserved and preserved in the Board of Directors. At its exclusive decision, the Board may delegate any other powers or authorities to any individual as deemed necessary or appropriate.
1 July 2020



30 September 2020


General of the Union

CGO, Founder


CEO, Past Chairman

Kinky Kali


Robert Ap Ioan



The first task of the newly elected Board of Directors is to elect from among themselves a Chairman to serve for the term. The Chairman's responsibility is to be the official and final authority on all matters of Spera.

  1. All Board matters happen in a timely manner consistent with all existing policies and procedures.
    • Board meetings are conducted regularly, and all Board Members are in full communication
    • All assets are assigned to where they can do the most good.
    • Supporting Chiefs in their roles to promote and better their divisions
  2. Review of all businesses and ensuring maximum efficiency and management.
    • Direct oversight of all Chiefs, ensuring that they are effectively managing their divisions.
    • Providing and coordinating support from the Board to Chiefs as needed
  3. Oversight of all voting
    • Monthly Shareholders Meetings for the purposes of Dividends and any other Shareholder voting as necessary
    • Conducting the final Shareholders Meeting of their term
    • Conducting all Board Voting

Deputy Chairman

The Deputy Chairman does not have any explicit role beyond being the nominal head of the Spera Bank Employee Union, and casting those shares alongside their own in the Shareholders Meetings.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Spera Services, the overarching umbrella organization, is helmed by the Chief Executive Officer to oversee and coordinate the investing wing of Spera. It is their responsibility to ensure that finances and technology are implemented to best operate our companies.

  1. Ensuring that all non-allocated funds are stored securely and that the correct people have access to the money
  2. The website, bot, and portals are all operating at necessary levels.
  3. All investments are fully accounted for,

Chief Banking Officer (CBO)

Spera's flagship, the Chief Banking Officer oversees the core Spera business as the CEO of Spera Bank. It is their responsibility to oversee all of our banking services and products.

  1. Oversight of all banking activities, including:
    • Ensuring that surplus liquidity is lent out with minimal delay
    • Any lack of liquidity is fixed through the purchase of bonds, or opening of Savings Accounts
    • Ensuring that all records are updated at least once, but preferably twice per week
    • Scouting potential acquisitions
    • Having overall responsibility for server moderation
    • Providing weekly updates to the Executive Committee and the Board of Director on the status of the Bank if requested.
  2. Oversight of all advertising and public relations.
    • Buying or approving the purchase of advertisements both in-game and on other servers
    • Ensure the Spera Bank server remains the largest banking server in Orbis through the use of invite competitions or any other means necessary
  3. Supporting all other Executives and Staff
    • The CEO of Spera Bank should, at all times, work in conjunction with the CEOs of Spera Gaming and Spera Staffing, Board of Trustees and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Chief Gaming Officer (CGO)

In May 2020, Spera rebuilt our Lottery from the ground, moulding it into a fully-fledged casino and gambling establishment. The Chief Gaming Officer is the CEO of Spera Gaming & Casino, and it is their job to run all of our chance-based endeavours.

  1. Oversight of all casino activities, including:
    • Ensuring that there is activity at all times in the Casino
    • Ensuring that games remain interesting and enjoyable at all times (if clients are starting to stop playing a particular game, find a new one!)
    • Ensuring that all records are updated at least once, but preferably twice per week
    • Having overall responsibility for server moderation
    • Staying alert for potential competition, and, scouting potential acquisitions
    • Providing weekly updates to the Board of Trustees and the Chairperson of the Board on the status of the Casino if requested.
  2. Oversight of all advertising and public relations.
    • Buying or approving the purchase of advertisements both in-game and on other servers
    • Work towards Spera Gaming becoming the largest Casino in Orbis
  3. Supporting all other Executives and Staff
    • The CEO of Spera Gaming should, at all times, work in conjunction with the CEOs of Spera Bank and Spera Staffing, Board of Trustees and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.